First off, we are excited to say that we have reached our kickstarter goal with nearly 2 more weeks left in the campaign!  Woo-hoo!  Thanks so much to all of you who have donated-it means a lot to have such a large and supportive group of fans, friends, and family!  For those of you who haven’t yet, but are interested, please continue to pre-order the album and other fun merchandise through that kickstarter page.  The goal amount only covers a portion of a very large project and any further contributions certainly won’t go to waste.

Netlife Music: [Lovely Socialite] is a band that casually brings together several influences, from jazz-rock rhythms with hip-hop attitude and very free improvisations. The single, “Brachiosaurus Boogie”, caught me from the first listening…an intro bass line mixed with dirt and carnal vocals and handclaps. One of the finest grooves heard lately, from Blues Brothers and Red Hot Chili Peppers of better times and more.

We recently released our single (see previous post) and have already received some very kind words from an Italian blog called Net Music Life.  Check that out here.

We’ll be hitting up the High Noon Saloon in Madison this Sunday night.  Come out and enjoy a very fun show shared with Arp of the Covenant and Harmonious Wail  (7:00PM $8).

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