Lovely Socialite Mrs. Thomas W. Phipps is a Milwaukee/Madison-based experimental jazz/rock group. Socialite vacillates between tightly composed pieces and entirely free improvisation, combining aesthetics of modern jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary classical music.  Instrumentation includes Trombone, Bass, Cello, Pipa, Vibraphone, and Drums.

Lovely Socialite often collaborates with artists–vocalists, electronic musicians, video/installation artists–for various projects.

The official roster includes:

Ben Willis-Bass, Double Bass, Electronics

Pat Reinholz-Guitar, Electric Cello, Electonics

Brian Grimm-Pipa (琵琶), Gaohu (高胡), Guzheng (古箏), Cello, Electronics

Corey Murphy-Trombone, Keyboard, Electronics

Abe Sorber-Vibraphone, Keyboard

Mike Koszewski-Drums, Percussion

Socialite members also appear in Clocks in MotionPushmi-Pullyu, The Weather Duo, The Watercourse Quartet, Lady Cannon, and Tontine Ensemble.


  1. Curious about my mom’s name connected with the Lovely Socialite. She is Mrs. Thomas W. Phipps and was indeed a ravishing social creature.

    1. So glad you’ve acknowledged me as unique! You have tremendous taste!

      Actually my husband is Thomas W. Phipps III, and there were a couple of other Mrs. Thomas W. Phipps before I came along! LOL

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